I WILL get fit

It happens to the best of us. Living life student-style inevitably leads to the sneaking on of a few extra pounds. I for one have most definitely not escaped the age old curse. Diets invariably consist of domino’s pizza, biscuits and booze whilst sleeping becomes the favoured form of exercise. Yet despite this, I am determined to break the mould and to get my body back into its pre-uni condition. Is that even possible? That means goodbye to the bucket-loads of cheesy pasta and cider-quaffing, and hello to the running gear lying neglected at the bottom of my wardrobe. I sense a big challenge of willpower ahead. Why not join me and we can do it together?! Woo, team effort!



Name: Becky

Occupation: Student

Intention: To document my evolution from undergrad to adult human being. Trivial pursuits most definitely included.